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Order your Pup's
Thankgiving Plate today!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and what a special way to celebrate with your pup by getting them a delicious human grade- pup safe dinner plate! 

Click below to submit your pre-orders today!

Order pick up dates will be November 21& 22.

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Grooming and spa packages

We believe pups deserve to be pampered just like like us! Our packages range from basic bathe and brush, to Full Spa packages with doggie facials and more! 

Pick up & drop off

We are proud to offer safe pick up and drop off service for your pup! Let us pick up your pup and drop them off looking brand new! 

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Gourmet Meals

Spoil your pup while they wait with a gourmet meal!  Included with all spa packages or simply add it on to your service.

Dog walking

Life can be busy!  Let us take your pup on a walk so you have more time to relax. A tired pup is a happy pup!  Included with all spa packages or simply add it on to your service.

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cute small jack russell dog in a car wearing a safe harness and seat belt. Ready to travel
Panorama banner of healthy fresh ingredients for pet food in individual heart-shaped bowls

The Modern Pup Mission 

To alleviate the stress for pet parents when leaving a furry family member in our care.  With the genuine care and respect given to each one of our client relationships, Modern Pup Grooming is dedicated to making the grooming experience safe, fun, and a memorable one for pet parents everywhere!

Our #ModernPupFam

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“I love the pick up and drop off option! My big boy does not fit in the car with my kids, so this works PERFECT! He always comes home smelling soooo great!”

Hunter's Owner

“The cage-free environment is what does it for me!  They have waiting stations that are roomy and comforting for my Sadie, she's never in a cage at home, so we love this salon!”

Sadie's Owner

“Its not just any grooming shop, this is definitely a spa like environment.  They treat my babies like family and I just love being able to treat them to a cute spa day! ”

Bailey and Mae’s Owner

Opening Hours

Monday- Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday's 8am-6pm

Ask US Anything

We are all about transparency and creating relationships with our clients!  Have a question?  Give us a call, or send us a text!

we will happily respond!  We LOVE talking about your pups and sharing our knowledge.  So don't be shy and drop us a line. 

1475 George Dieter Suite D, El Paso, TX 79936 


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