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About Us

Being  apart of the grooming industry, we know there are many different stigmas grooming salons have.  Us here at Modern Pup Grooming, aim to break those stigmas and show the world you and your pup can enjoy the salon setting while knowing your baby is safe and in good hands! Our team absolutely loves animals and loves pampering them even more.  We love giving and receiving all the doggie kisses we can get! We understand that your pet is family and treat your pet as we would our own.  All of our hearts have a paw print on them and it shows with the care we give.

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Our Mission

We believe every dog out there is special and worthy of being loved and cared for.  It is our mission to spread that love through creating a safe environment for all pets and helping them look their best.  We love and accept all breeds and aim to make a difference in each pups life one doggo at a time.  

Our Vision

We know lots of puppers out there get anxious and nervous at new places, especially when being placed in a cage/kennel.  Our waiting stations have created our vision of a safe place for your pet.  This allows us to sit and spend time with your pet to calm any nerves and earn their trust.  Your dogs comfort means the world to us.  A comfy dog is a happy dog, a happy dog knows they're safe.

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