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Modern Pup Services

Bath & Fluff

Warm bath with luxury shampoo and conditioner, eye and ear cleaning & plucking, coat brush out. perfume, bow/bandana.    

Anal Glands upon request.

Prices vary by breed and condition of your pets coat.

Face, Feet & Fanny

Includes all elements of the Bath & Fluff service along with trimming of feet and paw pads, hygiene,

face & nails. 

Prices vary by breed and condition of your pets coat.

Full Groom

Includes all elements of the Bath & Fluff service, and your choice between basic haircut and specialty haircut. 

Prices vary by breed and condition of your pets coat.


Ad- On Packages

De-Shedding Package

Dog hair everywhere?  No need to stress!  This treatment is for you.  Our top of the line shampoo and conditioner contain moisturizers and essential omega fatty acids. These help hydrate your dog’s skin and hair follicles, which makes them less likely to be dry, brittle and fall out in the form of shedding.  Call us to ask about our 3- Step Process!

 For maximum results we recommend this service every 4-6 weeks.

Medicated Treatment

This treatment aids in the relief of dry, itchy, flaky skin, hot spots, ring worm and much more.  These natural ingredients 

include essential oils with 

anti fungal. antibacterial, and antiseptic abilities.  Not only does this treatment give your pup the relief they're looking for, it add moisture and shine to their coats.  

Flea & Tick Treatment

This shampoo treatment is effective for flea, lice and tick control. With coconut oil ingredient, cleans gently, highlights all colors, and makes white sparkle. Coat dries smooth, manageable, and tangle-free.  Extra charge for handing picking based on the amount of time in 20 min. increments 

  • 100% natural and biodegradable

  • Kills fleas, lice and ticks

  • Will not strip natural oils from skin and coat

  • Safe for puppies and kittens 12 weeks old or older. 

Paw Soak

Itchy irritated paws?  Do you catch your pet chewing on their paws constantly?  The natural tea tree oil in these tablets, fight allergy causing irritants that trigger itching.  This product doesn't just sooth and provide itch relief for dogs, but this dog paw cleaner keeps paw pads fresh and helps remove dirt and irritants that are accumulated during walks and everyday life. Seaweed extract helps soothe, moisturize, and hydrate paw pads. Leaves paws conditioned and comfortable. 


This service is an upgrade on our regular nail clipping service.  The grinding/filing of the nail allows us to shape and bevel out your pets nail so its comfortable for the both of you.  You can pick either with nail polish (dog-safe) or no nail polish.  Followed up with paw massage with paw balm that helps sooth and moisturize your baby's paw pads.

Hair Dye

Lets get creative!! Share your vision with us and we will make it come true!  Price varies depending on breed, parts of body that will be dyed and how many colors.  This price will be added on top of the service of your choosing.  

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